We have a PathoSans system that will fit any of your business needs:

  • ​​Reduce your current cleaning costs by 85% to 90% by eliminating purchasing and shipping costs.

  •  Get a Return on Investment of less than a year by producing your own products on site for pennies a gallon.

  •  Get a “green edge” over your competition by projecting an eco-conscious image.
  • Reduce your list of cleaning supplies to just two products – a PathoSans cleaner and a PathoSans sanitizer.

  • Keep it simple.  Salt + Soft Water + Electricity = Electrolyzed Water!

  •  Eliminate bacteria more effectively with the PathoSans sanitizer that kills even nasty bacteria like E. coli, MRSA and norovirus in seconds.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating the manufacturing, transportation, packaging and waste disposal of conventional and green products.

  • Protect your workers and guests with Green Seal certified cleaning products that are safe to handle or inhale.

  • Improve indoor air quality.  No VOC’s or fragrances.
That Clean Smell Is Not So Healthy!
How Does Electrolyzed Water Technology  work?
How Clean Is Clean?
Whether you are a large corporation building a sustainability program or a small business looking for sustainable cleaning products that are truly cost effective, there is a PathoSans electrolyzed water system that will meet your needs.

Go Green Electrolyzer helps businesses dramatically reduce cleaning costs; protects hospital patients from antibiotic-resistant superbugs; decreases abscenes and employee medical costs; and gives companies a "green edge" over their competition.

We look forward to showing you how a PathoSans system will improve your bottom line, protect your employees and guests and enhance your industry reputation.

What Is On Site Generation:

OSG technology converts water, electricity and a small amount of salt into effective cleaning and antimicrobial solutions. It eliminates the need for many packaged chemicals that have been used for years to clean facilities. Uncomplicated OSG devices, which are relatively low cost and simple to maintain, are connected to a facility’s tap water supply, drain and standard electrical outlet. Softened tap water and salt are combined and the mixture flows into an electrolytic cell. This water electrolysis process creates two separate streams — a cleaning solution and an antimicrobial solution.

Built-in sensors measure critical output parameters in both solutions to ensure efficacy. The solutions are then dispensed into spay bottles, automatic scrubbers, all-surface cleaners and carpet extractors for your cleaning crews to use.Instead of a cluttered closet full of multi-colored, daily-use chemicals, cleaning crews have two simple choices—cleaning solution or antimicrobial solution. The OSG solutions offer equal or better cleaning capabilities, without VOCs, dyes, buffers, chelating agents or complicated dilution processes of conventional packaged chemicals. ​

   Application Options

   VENUES                                                                                MATERIALS

   schools & universities                                                       hardwood
   office buildings & retail stores                                        sealed wood
   hotels & restaurants                                                          tile & grout
   sports & entertainment venues                                     stone surfaces
   fitness centers & gyms                                                      glass
   hospitals, clinics & nursing homes                               painted surfaces
   manufacturing plants                                                       produce, meat & seafood!     
   food processing plants                                                     kitchen utensils & tools
   AREAS                                                                                   APPLICATION Methods

   board rooms                                                                         spray bottles  
   bathrooms & restrooms                                                    mop buckets
   locker rooms                                                                         electrostatic sprayers
   dining areas                                                                          carpet cleaners
   kitchens & kitchen sinks                                                    floor washing machines
   hotel rooms                                                                            auto scrubbers 

   FDA & EPA APPROVED                                                   GREEN SEAL CERTIFIED


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