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Dirty Little Secrets
Sometimes information needs to get really personal before we pay attention. Take cleaning products, for example. Everyone of us uses them or breathes their fumes every day, whether we're at work or at home. That's because we all want our environments to look and feel... Read More

5 Reasons Why "Green" Isn't Always Green Enough
Increasingly savvy consumers want to do business with companies that are committed to green. What if you are green, but not sure if you are green enough? Don't be like many organizations who are not only wasting money but even risking a possible lawsuit for toxic exposure... Read More

When Cleaning Becomes Toxic
Having spent the last 12 years trying to convince people to ditch toxic cleaners and sanitizers, I am rather hypersensitive to any evidence of these culprits. Just yesterday, I was caught scrutinizing the housekeeping cart in a hotel hallway. What poisons were used to clean my room? ... Read More

7 Ways Sustainability Pays
Sustainability is the new buzzword in business. But what is sustainability? And does it make business sense? Hervé Houdré, sustainability leader in the hotel industry, says it best: "Sustainability is about the triple bottom line — profit, people, planet. It's about making money while taking care of the environment and communities surrounding us."... Read More

Toxic Chemicals + Deceit = Lawsuit
Last week I read two articles that I found both disturbing and frustrating. Disturbing because they highlight the fact that all of us are exposed in the normal course of our daily lives to toxic chemicals that are harming us; and frustrating because this is not “new news.” We have known this for decades, yet our chemical companies and even our government drag their feet when it comes to doing something about it... Read More