David R. DeWitt

David has worked in the sales and marketing area his entire career and is committed to making this world a better place and making a difference in peoples lives. Helping to educate those who are using toxic chemicals to clean and sanitize professionally are at the top of his list.  "Why use these toxic products when there are safer and more effective solutions at a fraction of the cost".

Professional Team

Joan Stolar Smith


It was her son's diagnosis of multiple food allergies that first propelled Joan into the world of healthy eating and more "natural" living.  Years later, electrolyzed water, or EO, became a household word for the Smith family when her husband joined a startup company that manufactured EO systems as an alternative to toxic cleaning products. Their concern for the effects of toxic chemicals on children became a far more personal mission with the arrival of grandchildren. Joan brings to Go Green creativity and management skills honed during her 13 years as director of an educational nonprofit she founded in the Boston area.

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Larry Smith

Larry wants to reduce the tremendous costs associated with working with toxic chemicals. As he states; "we are a chemically dominated society" with over 75,000 new chemicals added since 1945". Of which just 25% have been tested by the government, we are constantly mixing these chemicals on a daily basis in the workplace. Housekeeping staff are inhaling these solutions and absorbing the chemicals through their skin. No wonder the Center for Disease Control states there is a direct link between chemicals and the tremendous increase in childhood diseases including autism. 

Our Mission

At Go Green Electrolyzer Corp, our mission is simple: to offer solutions that preserve and protect people and nature. We want to change the world one business at a time, to rid our culture of toxic chemicals and create a safer workplace for everyone, now and for future generations.  

In a nut shell we want to make a difference in people's lives!

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